Infinity Knit Scarf

Get ready for winter!!
Price: $6.25

Material: Wool Blend 
Size: Universal

Colors: Beige, Grey, Red, Brown, Light Pink, Black 
In stock: 15 for each color


Giant teddy bear!

Size: 19.6” x 7.5”

Filling and Material: 100% Cotton

Color: Beige

Price: $23.50 on sale now for $20.50


New product!! :)

Yellow baby giraffe plush

Size: 6.6”
Filling: Cotton
Exterior: Velvet

Price: $7.50

Anonymous sent: Hey there :) How can I order your products? :)

click shop here

Shipped [01.12.12]

Marryann C.
Jane F.
Ashley R.
Alexander A.
Silas Y.
Fabiana H.
Angela E.
Rebecca B.
Elizabeth S.
Jane L.

YaaaaaY !!!! love love it !!! thank you ^^D

Shipped [28.11.12]

Emily S.
Natalie T.
Negin T.
Lucy L.
Emilia O.
Atiya G.
Krisalyn H.
Shanna C.
Mollie D.
Andrea B.
Megan K.

Just got my Ribbon Pencil Case and I love it ♥

it is bigger than I thought tho 

Shipped [04/11/12]

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Matthew A.
Anthony V.
Barbara B.
Sara L.
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